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City of Bainbridge Island
City Council Agenda Bill
Subject: 8:50 PM Mountain View Road Drainage Improvements Project Construction Award and Budget Amendment, AB 16-069 - Public Works (Pg.190)Date: 5/24/2016
Agenda Item: UNFINISHED BUSINESSBill No.: 16-069
Proposed By: Public Works Director Barry LovelessReferrals(s):  
Department: Public WorksFund: 2016 Mountain View Drainage Improvements Project
Expenditure Req: $164,557.00Budgeted? YesBudget Amend. Req? Yes 

Study Session:  5/10/2016
Recommendation:    Forward to May 24, 2016 unfinished business agenda.
City Manager:  YesLegal:   YesFinance: Yes 

Action Item:
Consider approval of the Mountain View Drainage Improvements construction award and budget amendment.

This project provides for drainage improvements and roadway re-surfacing on Mountain View Road from Manitou Beach to end of road. Mountain View Road will not be closed except during paving operations.

Bids were solicited through the local newspapers and the bid opening was held on Monday, May 10, 2016. The apparent low bidder is Sound Excavation, Inc. in the bid amount of $164,557.00. The engineer’s estimate is $140,000 to $150,000. See attached bid form results.

The approved CIP budget is $139,000; therefore a budget amendment in the amount of $65,000 is needed to complete the project.


I move that the City Council approve the Mountain View Drainage Improvements project construction award to Sound Excavation, Inc. in the bid amount of $164,557.00, and budget amendment of $40,000.00 from the general fund and $25,000.00 from the SSWM Utility, increasing the spending authority for this project.

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