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City of Bainbridge Island
City Council Agenda Bill
Subject: 8:45 PM Miller Road Non-Motorized Professional Services Agreement, AB 16-145 - Public Works (Pg. 50)Date: 10/11/2016
Agenda Item: NEW BUSINESSBill No.: 16-145
Proposed By: Public Works Director Barry LovelessReferrals(s):  
Department: Public WorksFund: CIP and Federal Grant Funds
Expenditure Req: $178,930.36Budgeted? YesBudget Amend. Req? No 

City Manager:  YesLegal:   YesFinance: Yes 
Action Item:
Consider placement of the Miller Road Non-Motorized Improvements Professional Services Agreement on the October 25, 2016 consent agenda.

In 2007, and as part of Non-Motorized Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the Core 40 Program was established to provide forty (40) miles of integrated shoulder network for bicycles and non-motorized transportation island-wide.

At the beginning of the year, the City received notice of award of Federal Surface Transportation (STP) grant funds for the Core 40 Miller Road project and subsequently, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2016-07 accepting the STP grant funds in the amount of $751,299 at their February 16, 2016 meeting. This project includes paved shoulder widening on both sides of Miller Road from Tolo to Peterson Hill, approximately 1.15 miles.

The City solicited statements of qualifications for the Miller Road Non-Motorized Improvements design by advertising in the local newspapers and Skillings Connolly was selected as the most qualified consultant in the amount of $178,930.36. The consultant will develop plans and specifications and assist City staff with obtaining permits and approvals as needed.  See attached agreement and scope of work for further details.

I move that the City Council forward the Professional Services Agreement with Skillings Connolly in the amount of $178,930.36 for the Miller Road Non-Motorized Improvements project to the October 25, 2016 consent agenda.
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